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Monthly Business Coaching

RCI will hold your team accountable with quantifiable results measured monthly with actionable Key Performance Indicators.

Expert collaborative sessions with your management team to create and define your business strategy while immediately enhancing your current performance.

  • Monthly 1 on 1 session with the owner or key executive to discuss high level critical issues of the business or opportunities needing a plan to capture.
  • Monthly half day business review with selected members of the management team to focus on critical issues and opportunities established in the prior months session and to establish new performance impacting goals for the next month. Solve problems and uncover opportunities.
  • Creates the rhythms for accountability as well as an objective perspective from an advisory position while increasing communication and results internally.
  • Leadership Development based on results with increase your profitability and retention of key team members.

Invest 5 minutes and learn how RCI Consulting will increase the performance of your business.

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